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Full Stack Web Developer
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Web Development

As a full stack web developer, I'm proficient in MERN, MEAN, and Python. I also have comprehensive experience using SQL and noSQL databases.

I am fully self sufficient in the design, testing and deployment of applications across multiple enviroments like Amazon's AWS or Heroku.

My residency as a course assistant for UCLA via Trilogy Education has also faciliated a confident familiarity with core web technologies.

Product Development

As a product manager I help lead the development and design teams in the conception, build out and launching of new features while acting as a liaison between the CEO, stakeholders and the development teams.

I am competent in the use of multiple technologies to ascertain and capture meaningful metric data to ensure the success of any future feature or application build outs.

Project Management

As a project manager I lead my teams using AGILE methodology utilizing meticulously planned iterations ensuring predictable velocity to meet stringent deadlines

My tenure in the retail industry has instilled an exemplary communication and social skill set which I employ when acting as the intermediary between clients, stakeholders and the design/development teams.

Using my exprience from both retail and as a coding educator I strive create an enviroment that promotes positivity and cooperation where innovation and ingenuity can flourish.



Web Development - Backend Tech


Web Development


Product Development

Meet the Developer

Matthew Calimbas

Full Stack Developer/Product Manager

My name is Matt and I am a Coding Dojo certified Full Stack developer. With countless hours of expansive and in-depth coding under my belt, I am more than capable of meeting any and all of your web application development needs.

My experience as a resident coding course assistant and developer for UCLA via Trilogy Education has allowed me the privlege of working with an ever increasing amount of dedicated teams and individuals further refining my abilities in not only development but as a product and project manager.

I thrive in any environment where I can effectively contribute my skills to the greater good of the organization while allowing for personal growth and self improvement.


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